Dr Lovesex or; how I learned to stop worrying about male ejaculation and love myself

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March 10th 2017, part of the Sisterhood In Print Festival
Sisterhood Festival

‘Golden trio’ of moves boosts chances of female orgasm, say researchers

It’s Time To Stop Policing Black Women’s Sexual Expression
“My orgasm is the biggest fuck you to white supremacy ever.”


How a 3D clitoris will help teach French schoolchildren about sex

Yes, you can be non-binary AND a woman | Riley J. Dennis (video)

OMGyes (videos & interactive)

Equal Fest – London


EQUAL FEST LONDON – Oct 2 to 4th


We’ll have a stall all weekend at Equalfest! A DIY feminist punk festival seeking to promote gender equality and female/trans/non-binary participation in music and activism.

The Unicorn, 227 Camden Rd, NW1 9AA

FREE ENTRY – Please support the bar – all proceeds after cost going to Black Women’s Rape Action Project and Abortion Support Network


Temporary Autonomous Art Cardiff /// Celf Awtonomaidd Dros Dro Caerdydd


May 1st & May 2nd 2015 we will be in Cardiff at TAA


Friday May 1st we will have all the usual good stuff at a stall handing out flyers, stickers, and condoms. Selling t-shirts, pants, patches and badges so come down and say hello!

Saturday May 2nd starting at 5pm we will be doing aworkshop!!! Talking about who we are, why we started, what we do, what we want to do and what you can do. Hoping to start an open and honest dialogue about sexism, sexual assault within our community; what already exists and how we can move forward in a more positive way.  Then after a food-not-bombs dinner break, we’ll have the stall up again.  Hopefully see you there!

Temporary Autonomous Art Cardiff /// Celf Awtonomaidd Dros Dro CaerdyddSecret
April 29 – May 2nd 2015
Location To Be Revealed