on promoting rape culture at your gig

me too, Personal Accounts
I guess we’ll never understand why protecting the reputation of some guy, or a band missing one gig, is more important than who can feel comfortable attend a memorial. The issue was clearly discussed before the line up was even announce, they could have just not played.
It’s not like it would have been an admission of guilt if they didn’t play. Gigs get cancelled sometimes, it happens.
It would have just be a small sign of basic human decency. It’s a memorial.
Going ahead and playing a memorial just shows they don’t have any respect for boundaries and only care if they are happy. They don’t give a fuck who they hurt as long as they get what they want.
The memorial was a couple of months ago now but not being able to attend the memorial, has been like ripping off a bandaid (plaster) and pouring salt in the wound.
We don’t even know any of the people involved, we’ve never spoken about what happened but that didn’t stop his friends coming after us.
We just really hope other people don’t become targets for saying #metoo