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A nice archival of printable PDF zines here from the Philly’s Pissed AWG some good content, some a bit meh, but nothing objectionable

Challenging Men, Changing Communities: Reflections on Male Supremacy and Transformative Justice
This is an awesome account of how to build an accountability circle (instead of reporting)

Creative Interventions Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence – very long but good!

Supporting a survivor zine (by a Men against Rape Group in the US, very clear)

Healing strategies for survivors (very nice illustrations, just a one pager)

Support New York made this zine about Emotional Abuse in relationships, quite confronting as there are aspects of it we probably all recognise from parts of our lives, but well worth a read!

Detailed ‘So you’ve been called out’ document – specifically for sexual assault and rape

Our accountability handbook:

Salvage resources:

NEON Power & Privilege: A Handbook for Political Organisers:

Models of power sharing:

Organising for Community Accountability:

INCITE! Community Accountability Working Doc:

Safer Party Toolkit:

Sisters Uncut Safer Spaces Policy: