Call for Entries – “Get Lucky ” Art Show, Fri 13th of February 2015

The “Get Lucky ” Art Show, is a part of  Valentine’s Weekend put on by The Love Sex, Hate Sexism Collective in collaboration with Reel Rebels Radio. A weekend of Art & Music celebrating positive sexual health and equality.

The exhibition will continue for an entire month (open daily) at Reel Rebels Sound, a radio station and practice space in Hackney .

We are looking for punk artists working in any media to submit work with the Love Sex, Hate Sexism ethos. Either celebrating positive sexual attitudes and awareness or work that challenges sexism, both from within the punk community.

Positive sexual health is quite a broad spectrum which can include (but not exclusive too) issue of consent, gender equality, LGBT, female empowerment, sexual choices from abstinence to fetish and anything in between. It’s about informed / enjoyable decision making.

Work that challenges sexism can encompass even more topics. It can challenge gender roles, both men and women suffer from sexist stereotyping. It can represent the underrepresented in a more positive and inclusive light, “you can’t be what you can’t see”.
Work that represents the underrepresented is just as difficult to find in punk artwork than it is anywhere else. Images with women, LGBT, people of different sizes, colour, ability as the protagonists. Challenging sexism can look at understanding privilege, not blaming but what that actually means and its effects.

The Love Sex, Hate Sexism Collective already produces flyers (examples here )that we hand out at gigs, festivals, record shops, book fairs, basically anywhere you’ll find punk rockers throughout the UK and at few events in N. America and in Europe to help raise awareness of sexism and sexual assaults within the punk community, while also promoting healthy sexual attitudes. If you’d like to work with us on a new flyer please contact us for a specific brief.

If you’re interested in submitting work please send an email to detailing your name, website or links to your work and what you’d like to submit (medium and size). Or let us know if you’d like to work on a collaboration with us.

Submission deadline is Mon Jan 12th to get your name printed on the flyers. All work must be in Stoke Newington by Mon Feb 9th. You are responsible for mounting your work and all transport costs. There is no submission fee but if you sell any work we ask that you donate a portion of the proceeds to the Love Sex, Hate Sexism collective.

One Struggle. One Fight.
The Love Sex, Hate Sexism Collective.
love sex, hate sexism

love sex, hate sexism