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One night I was really drunk on the bus home from a gig. So drunk I got off the wrong stop and was utterly confused until I saw my sober ‘mate’. I was relieved when he offered to take me home so I’d be safe. I don’t know how it started (he was not someone I would do) but the next thing I know he’s in my room and we’re having sex and he was telling me he liked ‘rough sex’ and I was struggling to stop that….

Ugh. The last one makes me well up even now.

Personal Accounts

I fell asleep in the back of my van at a festival, next to a guy I liked. I was woken up by him kissing and grabbing me. He wouldn’t respond to my repeatedly asking him why he was being so pushy. Turned out it was because he wasn’t the guy I’d fallen asleep next, it was some creepy fucker who’d crawled into my van without my knowledge or consent. Everyone saw me freaking out at him as I kicked him out of my van, had no excuse for being in there, he never denied touching me but still he had guys rush up and defend him. There was never any consequences for him.

Personal Accounts

Walking through the crowd at The Feeding of the 5000 gig, someone grabbed my crotch from behind- I spun round immediately shouting, and demanded to know which one of three guys had done it- they all claimed innocent and no-one said a word. Security told me it wasn’t really worth doing anything because the gig was nearly over and all they could do was kick whoever it was out.

Personal Accounts

Don’t trick underage girls into having sex with you by getting them drunk. This happened to me when I was 15 by an older punk guy in his early 20s. He gave me beer until I didn’t know what was going on then he had sex with me. This is statutory rape. You are a pedophile. You are look at a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years (with up to a maximum of 20 years)

Personal Accounts

At the first proper punk gig I went to every time I went in the pit someone groped me. Grabbing my boobs or my fanny, trying to stick their fingers in as far as they could. Despite the music being great, I left early that night. I was 14 yrs old.

The fight for gender equality isn’t achievable unless we all work together.

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